• Andrew M Gallagher

In the beginning there was another boring Blog!

I know you see them all over the internet blogs and more blogs. Peoples thoughts about everything and nothing. What they ate tonight for tea. Who they spoke to this afternoon. Which so called friend has been bitching about them. Well if you give the world an open forum they will talk. Oh boy! will they talk, they say the only friends some people have are online because they never leave the house long enough to meet anyone. In fact the latest 'dating' format suggests you chat online before going out on a date. I'm sorry but going out out on a date is how to get to talk to someone and find out if you are going to get on....... isn't it?? Well no, I am told today you learn about someone exchanging messages on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp Snapchat or whatever social media you are using this week. The world is a very strange place and the people in it are even stranger.

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